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Because i wasn't paying attention when i signed up... i accidentally used my email address as my login name. As a result... Some things don't work. UNTIL I GET THINGS FIXED...
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A Stunningly Craptacular Morning...
Friday. 2.19.16 1:23 pm
mood:Homicidal ~killkillstabstabstabdiedieDIE~

watching: Supernatural

What a craptacularly wonderful day this is turning out to be!! First off.. I oversleep my alarm... Thankfully, my newly unemployed boyfriend was there to run the get-the-kid-up-and-ready-for-school show.... So.. I'm lounging on the bed (A thing for which i STILL feel guilty) and... in my still half asleep state.. i get snuggled by my 9 year old... which by itself would've been fine. Except. My boyfriend tickled him. I took an elbow to the ribcage and got out of bed.... grumpy, moody, and irritable.

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Friday, February 19, 2016
mood: frustrated

watching: Join or Die

Apparently, the baboons that run things around here do NOT like it when you have a dumbass attack and don't pay attention. So when i screwed up and used my email address for my login.. They apparently had a fit. I have NO idea how to fix this.. or if it even CAN be fixed. SO.. until I get it fixed..(or not) i have to keep the link to my profile that i KNOW will work... on my blog page... which can apparently only be accessed through the Modules page....

Anyway.. I'm actually glad to be back on Nutang. I doubt anybody remembers me (kahne_earnhardt_fan) but i'm still glad nonetheless!!

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I do medieval recreation nowadays... it's a lot of fun. To see some of what we do... Click Here.
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This is my heraldry. It will officially be used to identify me within Adria once I get my knighthood (COMING VERY SOON!!!)
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I've learned a great many skills in Adria
Medieval Combat
Medieval Survival Skills
Biggest Adria Accomplishment
I have managed to accumulate enough points to achieve my first level knighthood in Archery. Your first knighthood is a really big deal!! I have to run an event for my knight and I'm done!!
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